The subject addressed is relevant and original AND demonstrates an innovative approach. Additionally, the proposal includes some explanations of why the submission is innovative.

The proposal includes innovative concepts, processes, tools OR governance models as a test-bed for innovation.


Defines a need(s) or unresolved problem(s) being addressed in its context.


Demonstration of clear, significant, and tangible impacts (or potential impacts).

Includes quantification of the scope of the impacts (or potential impacts). In case of research  or             comparative analysis, demonstration of clear contribution to future action plans and to decision making processes.

Scope of Implementation

The target group is reached effectively, and a significant number of people have been positively affected.

Project capable of being scaled up to benefit hundreds of thousands (or even millions).

Community Engagement
and Co-creation

Embraces community engagement and how to ensure the uptake of their ideas; AND/OR includes innovative methods and tools such as co-design or co-creation.


Defines inclusion targets in terms of ethnicity, gender, class and poverty, AND/OR age.


Clearly makes a persuasive case for feasibility.

If implemented, the proposal has an established record of success, AND/OR includes some information on the development cycle, the current status of implementation, and questions of financial and logistical feasibility.

If it is a proposed project, initiative or idea, it includes some information for developing, piloting, and scaling the idea; AND addresses questions of financial and logistical feasibility.
Does not apply to research and comparative analysis or a more analytical and theoretical proposal.


Proposal with the potential to be transferred onto other contexts different than those where they were originally conceived; that is, that could be replicated in other sectors, regions, countries, or even different modes.

Multi-stakeholder Collaboration

Identification of People-Public-Private-Social/ Citizens partnerships or other forms of multi-stakeholder collaboration aspects.


The data being presented is reliable and sound.