The Digital Economy Awards Committee will not divulge or utilize confidential information gained from nominations or discuss any details of any award entry with any other party without prior approval. The content, results or any information contained in or about all and any of the individual award’s submissions will remain completely confidential and is not for discussion or disclosure with any individuals, groups or organizations who are not involved in the judging process.

Only nominated jury members and selected members of the Digital Economy Awards organizing committee will have access to the submissions for evaluation purposes only. The awards submissions that individual judges will have privileged access to, as part of the judging process, will remain restricted and none of the material accessed or provided will be retained or circulated by individual judges or any members of the organizing committee.

If you make the shortlist or win an award, our working committee will work with you to seek your approval on the nomination description we can use as promotional material to share your story.

We encourage companies to publicize this great honor. You can use the Digital Economy Awards Winner seal and promote winning one of Sarawak’s most prestigious innovation awards. We will provide a template, or you can create your own.