Themed “Advancing Digital Economy for Sustainable Development”, the objective of DEA2023 is to acknowledge the digital initiatives undertaken by diverse organizations in their efforts to transform Sarawak into a prominently digitalized society. This effort will involve the active participation of public and private sectors, industries, government-linked corporations (GLCs), universities, NGOs, and individuals.

By embracing digital technologies, this award has the potential to inspire stakeholders to further execute impactful digital initiatives. The award’s assessment criteria will be rooted in aspects such as formulating or championing digital economy strategies, implementing successful projects with substantial outcomes, fostering digital ideation, devising creative and innovative digital solutions, ensuring relevance, promoting digital inclusivity, engaging citizens, fostering co-creation, assessing feasibility, replicability, and nurturing multi-stakeholder collaboration.

The project/initiative submitted for the award must be implemented within the last five years in Sarawak. It could be a product, service, system or technological solution or digital inclusivity initiative. The project/initiative should lead to innovative and inspiring digital transformation work that significantly benefits the industry or society. It should demonstrate qualities such as integrity, exemplary leadership, entrepreneurship, perseverance, and skillful competence in the development or use of digital technology in their work.